Saturday, January 31, 2009

INS Fingerprinting

What is it with us and winter storm warnings??? We received a letter Tuesday, Jan. 27th that we needed to be in Grand Rapids at 8a.m. on Friday, Jan. 30th for our INS fingerprinting. We got up as if we were heading to work on Friday because it's an 1 1/2 hr. drive. We left the house at 6:15a.m. to snow and icy roads. We counted 15 cars off the road on our trip up and back. I sure was thankful for the 4 wheel drive truck and Mark behind the wheel. This is the last appointment that we needed to complete. Now we wait for our turn for our dossier to be processed.

I just went back and read our blog from our previous attempt to adopt Galina and her brother Sasha in 2005. We had many conflicting stories at the time and weren't sure what to think. After 3 years we believe that Almas just didn't have the power to do our adoption. We believe that there was no grandmother and he told us that because it was an "acceptable" excuse.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Adoption Ark Dossier Approval

We received notification from AA yesterday that our dossier has been approved and sent on for translation.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dossier Complete

Well, as of yesterday (1/16) at 4:30 p.m. our dossier was in the hands of the FedEx man on it's way to Adoption Ark in California. It was a crazy week of trying to complete it. I left work early on Tuesday to check the mail for the one last document that we needed to go get our apostilles. It was in the mail. I called work and told them that I wouldn't be back. I was on my way to Lansing to the Office of the Great Seal. It was a winter storm advisory but waiting one more day just wasn't in my plans. LOL! I got to Lansing by a detour because there was an accident. When Marcy at the Office of the Great Seal went over our documents she couldn't apostille any of our documents that our credit union had notarized because the notary stamp and the state registration for the people that signed didn't match. Soooo, back home to reprint 10 documents and back to the credit union. Another trip to Lansing on Thursday. Guess what? Another person at our credit union's notary isn't correct. A total of 4 notaries at our credit union had incorrect stamps. Back to the credit union with one more set of documents and the name of the one lady at our credit union that had her notary correct. We completed the documents and they gave us movie passes and a gas card for all of our inconvience. I took our packet of documents to our small group on Thursday night and plopped them in the middle of everyone and told them "we need to pray over these". I also shared with our group that I want them to pray for a "miracle day" of March 10th that the girls know we are coming. This was the first time Mark knew that I was requesting this of God and he thought it was awesome! On friday, Lacey returned with our documents and they all passed! I had worked a midnight shift on Wednesday night and had been able to sort, copy and organize the documents that were done. Once Lacey brought me the rest of the documents at work I was able to copy them and get everything completed. I prayed that when I left work I would run in to a FedEx truck otherwise I would drive to Battle Creek and hope to meet the deadline to get it sent on Friday. As I was driving down the main road there was a FedEx truck. I followed him to his next box and he took our precious package. Then I passed 2 more trucks on the way home. LOL! I guess God was letting me know I can trust him in the little details. Now we wait to see if our dossier is approved by AA.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another step closer

We received our completed home study on 1/8/2009. I mailed our I600 today, 1/9/2009. I have one more document to receive and then I will be able to go to Lansing to get all of our documents apostilled. I am planning to do this on 1/13/2009. I am still praying for a miracle date of 3/10/2009. This is Galina's 13th birthday. I would love for her to know that we are trying to bring her home again on her birthday.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

It promises to be an amazing year for our family. We found out December 26th that we are going to grandparents. Gabe and Christina will be blessing us with our grandbaby the end of July.

We have been waiting for our home study to be approved by our international agency. It was completed by our social worker the middle of December but needed to have some changes. AA has been closed for the holidays so we are expecting our final home study sometime the week of January 4th. I have all of our other documents ready to submit once we have this. We are praying for a miracle date of March 10th for our dossier to be approved and the girls to be told that we are processing documents to adopt them. March 10th is Galina's 13th birthday.

As I took down our Christmas tree today my thoughts and prayers were with "my girls". I am hoping and dreaming that they will be with us hanging these same ornaments Christmas 2009.

Mark and I took our kids and my mom on a Christmas vacation to Jamaica this year. We talked about this being the last Christmas that it would just the 5 of us. Of course, Gabe proved us right with his announcement of his impending fatherhood. Our hopes and dreams are that our family will have 3 new members by July.