Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Step by Step

It has been an exciting couple of days. We got a call at 6:30 last night from Linda at Adoption Ark telling us that they could do our adoption. She emailed me the application and contract for us to sign. I will be sending it to Adoption Ark tomorrow priority mail. We finished our home study visits this past Saturday and I just got off the phone with Jennifer our social worker and she is finishing our home study this weekend and then it will go to the main office for processing and approval. She expects us to have a completed home study prior to Christmas. Our whole process with Adoption Ark so far has been wonderful. The first email response the I received back from Linda was very prompt and then when she sent me an email that said she would be praying for us I had confirmation that they were the ones that we needed to work with. There are still many questions that we would like answers to. We really don't know anything about Tanya. We are hoping that they can get us some basic information. We have many hopes and dreams for these girls. What an awesome gift to be able to share our God, family, friends and love of life with them. We are starting to share with more people that we have once again began this journey. Grandma Pat told her choir family last night and many were surprised because they thought it was done when it ended last time. We did too but it looks like God has other plans for our family. We are walking forward in faith and praying that we continue to let God guide our steps.