Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kaz Needs Our Prayers

Anyone who has followed my blog knows that my "baby" sister and her family have been missionaries in Kazakhstan for the past 8 years. They received news yesterday that the Kazakhstan government has made a new law that will only allow foreigners who are there on business to stay in the country a total of 120 days a year. They will be coming back to the U.S. in June and their mission agency will no longer be able to have a permanent group of people in Kaz sharing Jesus. I don't believe that this affects the adoption community at all but it sure affects the people of Kazakhstan. Please be in prayer for these people that they will have leaders rise up that will continue to teach this generation of Kazakhstan children about Jesus.

Brent and Beth don't feel that God has called them off the foreign mission field so please be in prayer for them as he guides them to their next assignment.

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