Sunday, September 20, 2009

The End of Our Kazakhtan Adoption Journey

When we left Kazakhstan we left with questions in our minds and hearts whether there was a child/children that we were suppose to meet. We received information this past week about one specific child that we had met and others that our agency requested that we consider. After much thought and prayer we have made a final decision that our adoption journey to Kazakhstan is done. We still believe that it was a journey that God called us on. It didn't end as we had anticipated but we are better people for having stepped out and traveled along this road. The people we have met and experiences that we have had have been life changing. We will continue to support and pray for the children's lives in Kazakhstan that we are blessed to be a part of. We look forward to the day that God reveals to us the "whole" picture.


Vonda said...

So blessed to have been a part of this journey with you. You two are amazing!

JenD said...

prayed for you and still are...miss seeing you and wanted to give you a big hug when you got back but we have left Friends church. We needed a change and it's a long story. Keep in touch thinking of you.

aultfamily said...

Kris & Mark,

I know it is hard to close the door on this chapter of your life. You have been so diligent and faithful through it all.

Don't forget, when one door closes another one opens...... keep your eyes open for it. :)


traveler said...

You are a tremendous couple and I know God will richly bless you for your willingness to reach out to others as you have done. Our love, thoughts and prayers are with you as you search for what God has in store for you. God never wastes a hurt to those who are faithful, and you have been that, for sure.